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  • Why You Need a Registered Agent

    Why Consider a Registered Agent for Your Business? A registered agent serves as the captain of your team. He or she is essentially a named third party who holds a number of responsibilities and performs various duties on behalf of your business. Depending on the state in which your entity is registered, having a registered […]

  • Five Reason You Should Make Sure Your Business Is in Good Standing

    Is your business in good standing? Being in good standing demonstrates that your company has met all statutory obligations and is authorized to conduct business in the state. Every day, UCS receives multiple requests for certificates of good standing, and quite often, to our client’s dismay, we have to inform them that their request is […]

  • The Cost of Publication in New York

    If you recently formed or qualified an LLC, LLP or PLLC in the state of New York you probably know that there is a post filing requirement to notify the public.  This notification is done by purchasing advertising space in two newspapers where the principle office is located.  Once the publication is completed, an affidavit […]

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