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How do I find out more about the UCC Article 9 Amendments coming into effect on July 1, 2013?

United Corporate Services, Inc.has compiled the new forms, a map of the states that have enacted/not enacted and a matrix of all the details surrounding the July 1, 2013 implementation.  Click here  to read all about it!

Help! I need a Registered Agent!

United Corporate Services can help.  For more information about our registered agent services CLICK HERE or to contact us and get personal help, CLICK HERE.

Help! I have a last-minute closing and need UCC searches and financing statements filed ASAP.

United Corporate Services can help.  For more information on UCC Searching and Filing Due Diligence, CLICK HERE.

Help! I need to form a legal entity in more than one state.

United Corporate Services can help!  For more information about forming and qualifying your entity CLICK HERE.

I’ve been asked to get a criminal record check. How do you do it and who is actually performing the search?

UCS has contracted with a NYS Licensed Private Investigation firm to conduct public record checks for criminal record information. The available searches being performed include statewide criminal checks (where available), county level criminal court inquiries, and nationwide criminal database checks. UCS is ONLY providing records found from public record research and is NOT offering any type of employment screening services or background investigations. To find out more, click here.

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