Business Licensing

Obtaining or maintaining a business license, permit or tax registration is often overlooked when preparing documents for a new entity.  Many federal, state and local jurisdictions require a business license depending on the location and purpose of the business.  Having to deal with thousands of municipalities, more than 3,000 counties, multiple licensing departments and 150 different license types can be incredibly daunting even for the most experienced professional.  Failing to comply with licensing requirements may result in penalties and fees that can be substantial.

United Corporate Services can help your company save time, reduce costs, avoid penalties and remain in compliance when you request the Business License Compliance Package (BLCP).   The package will include:

  • An overview of the business licenses, permits and tax registrations required for proper compliance
  • Licensing authority contact information including name, address, telephone number, etc.
  • Detailed information on fees and addresses for submission of applications
  • The actual license, permit, and tax registration applications
  • Instructions, fee schedules, and licensing statutes
  • An overview of required supplementary documentation

For more information, Contact us today and we can begin taking the scare out of business licensing and ensuring you are fully informed to make the necessary decisions for your business or for your client’s business.

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