Criminal Searches FAQ

QuestionHow does United Corporate Services, Inc. (UCS) perform a criminal record check and who is actually performing the search?


UCS has contracted with a NYS Licensed Private Investigation firm to conduct public record checks for criminal record information. The available searches being performed include statewide criminal checks (where available), county level criminal court inquiries, and nationwide criminal database checks. UCS is ONLY providing records found from public record research and is NOToffering any type of employment screening services or background investigations.

QuestionWhat does a criminal record check discover?


The information that can be uncovered by these searches can include felony and misdemeanor records, as well as conviction and arrest data depending on the jurisdiction searched. County level searches can return felony and misdemeanor records for a period of either seven (7) or ten (10) years.

QuestionWhat information do I need to provide in order to request a criminal record check?


In order to process these checks the exact individual and/or entity name as well as a date of birth (DOB) for any individuals searched is required. The searches being performed are only as accurate as the data provided and, in some cases depending on the jurisdiction, there may be an additional search fee for processing aliases or multiple variations of a given name.

QuestionHow are Nationwide Criminal Database Searches performed?


With respect to the nationwide checks, the search is performed against different public record databases that our agent has access to. These databases consist of millions of criminal records compiled from a variety of public record sources, including Sex Offender Registries, Department of Corrections, Court filings, and local arrest logs in most states and the District of Columbia. With the exception of Delaware, South Dakota, and Wyoming, all states have either currently updating and/or historical records contained in this search, to some degree.

Therefore, nationwide searches are meant to be a supplemental search in conjunction with state and county checks and should not be a substitute for either. While the records included are from throughout the United States, they do not have every criminal record from every state. We would only recommend conducting this check together with a statewide and/or county search to determine the possibility of records that may exist outside of an individual or entity’s primary jurisdiction.

QuestionWhat are Criminal ‘wants’ and ‘warrants’?


“Wants” refer to individuals that are listed on a “Most Wanted” list put out by a state, county, city, or other local law enforcement agency. There will be a warrant out for the arrest as well, but these people are actively being pursued by each agency with the highest priority.

Warrants tend to be less pressing than the “Wants” list. The warrants themselves can be anything from a failure to appear citation from a court (a bench warrant) to an open order for an arrest in a misdemeanor or felony matter (an active warrant). There have been outstanding bench warrants that remain open for years and are only resolved on routine traffic stops.

QuestionHow are Statewide Criminal Database Searches performed?


With statewide criminal checks, the searches can be performed in each state and the District of Columbia. The access in any given jurisdiction varies. Whenever possible we utilize officially maintained statewide repositories to perform statewide criminal searches.

However, not all states have a central repository nor allow access to state criminal records without a signed release of fingerprint cards. In such jurisdictions, we would then pursue statewide checks of court records with the administrative office of the courts, which may or may not have open arrest records.

In just a few states, such as Nevada and California, there is no access to state criminal records without a submission of fingerprints and no statewide court record repository. In such cases, we can perform a database check that would consist of records from all reporting courts and we would supplement with direct checks in each county affiliated with an individual and/or entity.

Once we know the states that are being requested, we will verify all access requirements and limitations and present the client with the best options for getting the information they are looking for.

QuestionWill I be able to obtain Social Security Numbers from this search?


UCS will not disclose Social Security Numbers or other sensitive personal identifiable information uncovered from a criminal records search.

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