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United Corporate Services (UCS) podcast offers you insights on how to navigate through the complexities of setting up your corporation and other topics that relate to corporate compliance and the legal services industry. You will hear from experts from UCS as well as leaders in the legal services industry discussing a variety of topics. For over 50 years, United Corporate Services (UCS) has worked with entrepreneurs, corporate paralegals and attorneys, accountants and anyone looking for assistance with corporation formations and compliance.

United Corporate Services Podcast Introduction

Submitted by UCS on September 8, 2020

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Podcast Summary

For over 50 years, United Corporate Services, Inc. has been a premier register agent service provider. Our experienced staff has an abundance of knowledge that they would like to share with you which is why we are now offering the United Corporate Services Podcast!

So, who is this podcast for? If you are an Entrepreneur, Paralegal, Attorney, Accountant or someone who forms companies or helps them stay in compliance, then this podcast is definitely worth subscribing to.

Forming a corporation worthy of your prestige is not as simple as surfing the web for “how to incorporate”. It takes expertise and experience to document multi-state transactions.

Each episode will offer you tips on how to navigate through corporate formations, uniform commercial code transaction services, legalization of documents and much more!

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