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Submitted by UCS on April 27, 2020

Indiana issues Executive Order 20-23 for the suspension of Tax Clearance Certificates to accompany Reinstatement filings

In an attempt to assist existing delinquent businesses qualify for federal assistance and ease the requirements for reinstatement in the state of Indiana, the Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and Governor have come to an agreement to suspend the five (5) year limitation on reinstatements and requirement for a certificate of tax clearance. Executive Order 20-23 was enacted on April 23, 2020.

What does this mean for administratively dissolved entities?
This means that all administratively dissolved businesses may reinstate and will not be required to submit a certificate of clearance with the reinstatement application.

What if my company was administratively dissolved outside the five (5) year window?
The Secretary of State can process reinstatements with the reinstatement form, a completed business entity report and the filing fee. The filing fee will include the reinstatement fee and all past due business entity reports.

How does this enactment help with processing times for reinstatements?
Normal processing times for issuing a tax clearance from the Indiana Department of Revenue was 4-6 months at the time the executive order was issued. With the suspension in place, there is no need to request the clearance and you can apply for reinstatement with the Secretary of State. Processing time with the Secretary of State is 1-2 business days.

What if I received my tax clearance from the Department of Revenue recently?
When filing for reinstatement you have two options: 1) Submit your tax clearance received from the Department of Revenue or 2) Submit a PDF stating that you are not submitting a certificate of clearance based on the Executive Order 20-23.

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