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Certificates of Good Standing

At the request of their bank, corporate partner or perhaps another state jurisdiction, the document our clients most often request is a Certificate of Good Standing. The Good Standing is a certificate issued by the jurisdiction where the company is formed and/or qualified, indicating that the company is duly incorporated and has met all statutory requirements to maintain it’s ‘good standing’ in that state. Some jurisdictions may refer to this document as a Certificate of Existence or a Status Certificate.

Searches, Copies and Other Certificates

The Client Service Representatives (CSRs) at UCS have developed expertise through years of experience and access to a network of resources to provide you with the results and documents you need, when you need them. UCS offers the following document retrieval services nationwide and internationally

UCS Is Your Problem Solver

Sometimes when a good standing or corporate document is requested, a problem is uncovered. Perhaps the entity has become delinquent or a typo is discovered in the Charter Documents. Our CSRs are proactive with your request by providing you all the necessary details and information to rectify the situation as quickly as possible so that you can have the documents you need and can get back to business.

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