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UCC eZFile®

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Online UCC Filing and Portfolio Management System

With the UCC eZFILE® system, users can prepare UCC filings and submit them electronically in over 40 jurisdictions nationwide. Filing your UCC Financing Statements and Amendments electronically not only improves the turn-around time for filing acknowledgements, it also helps prevent indexing errors and reduces your UCC filing costs. UCC eZFILE® also gives you the option to continue to file over the counter in all 50 states, all counties and even Canada!

The very best part is that the cost to sign up for an UCC eZFILE® account is absolutely free!

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Features to Help You Save Time

  • Personal Libraries: Save debtor and secured party information and standard collateral descriptions for future use
  • Global Amendments: Prepare, draft and submit UCC3s for multiple UCC1 Financing Statements simultaneously
  • Personalized Filing Defaults: Reduce repetitive typing by automatically populating secured party information
  • Electronic File Cabinet: Upload historical filings and set up ticklers for continuation alerts

Features to Help You Save Money

  • E-filing: Reduce your UCC filing fee in many jurisdictions by submitting documents to the filing office electronically
  • Requirements Validation: Rely on electronic validation to ensure your filing meets state-specific requirements
  • Human Eye Review: Trust our highly trained UCC experts to review your filings to catch potentially costly filing mistakes

Features to Help You Stay Informed

  • Continuation Alerts: Receive free automated email alerts as UCC Financing Statements approach their lapse date
  • Customized Reporting: Create and export custom reports, including full portfolio details and on-demand continuation reports
  • Company-wide Filings: View and track all filings generated from your location with shared access to company-wide filings