About Us


Today clients are looking for a balance of advanced technology and experienced personnel when selecting a service company with whom to partner. United Corporate Services has been dedicated to providing its clients with the most reliable and knowledgeable staff in the industry. United Corporate Services has a reputation in the service industry as:

  • Reliable: Our tenured Client Service Representatives deliver consistent, accurate and timely results and are your trustworthy source for processing all transactions.
  • Efficient: Speed and accuracy go Hand-in-Hand at United Corporate Services. We utilize the advantages of technology without sacrificing the availability of a Client Service Representative who knows your preferences and deadline demands.
  • Dedicated: We live the “whatever it takes” mindset whether it is arriving early or staying late to help you complete a project or working with state officials to make sure your filing is executed in time for the close of the deal.


If you’d like to learn more about United Corporate Services, Inc, our history and our founder, Ray Barr click here.

QuestionCan United Corporate Services provide UCC and corporate related services in all 50 states?


United Corporate Services has offices or designated agents in all 50 states providing UCC, corporate and real-estate services in every major jurisdiction in the United States.

QuestionWill I have one point of contact for my project?


Yes, our Client Service Representatives are trained in all of services that United Corporate Services provides. United Corporate Services manages our client’s projects with a lead Client Service Representative and a team of supporting associates. This ensures that your project is owned by one person but allows you the flexibility to communicate with any and all Client Service Representatives within the company at any time.

QuestionIs United Corporate Services able to file documents electronically with state and local filing offices that accept submission electronically?


Yes, United Corporate Services takes every opportunity to file your documents in the most expeditious manner possible. Contact a project manager today to coordinate your filing.

QuestionI need timely billing for my projects in order to close. How does United Corporate Services invoice their clients?


Your order is billed by the Client Service Representative that processes your request. It is generated at the completion of the order. United Corporate Services also offers an itemized cost Estimate which can be generated upon your request.

QuestionDoes United Corporate Services provide research on filing requirements for both UCC and Corporate services?


Yes, a Client Service Representative can provide you with the information that you require or you can access our Resources Page upon logging in to UCS Connect.

QuestionCan I access a forms repository for UCC and Corporate filings?


Yes, United Corporate Services maintains a form repository within UCS Connect on the website. If you do not already have access to UCS Connect, contact us today for a username and password.

QuestionOther questions…?


If you have any questions you may contact any of our Client Service Representatives at 800-899-8648 or click on the contact us tab on the toolbar.

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