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Annual Reports and Other Periodic Filings

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Now that your company has been incorporated, it must be maintained. Most states require your company to report specific information on a periodic basis. The most common filing requirement is the Annual Report where the company is required to report things like officers, directors, principal place of business or the issuance of shares by the company. The types of information and frequency of filing varies from state to state. Although failure to file the annual report can result in the company being administratively dissolved by the Secretary of State, we find that many companies neglect to do so.

delaware annual report - pic preview video

Watch below to see how to easily maintain your Delaware corporation

It is important that you calendar these due dates now or that you have UCS plan them for you. In addition to your registered agent services package, UCS offers the following services:

  • Personalized Compliance Calendar
  • Email notifications for annual reports and tax event reminders where applicable
  • Registered Agent Representation with service of process forwarding
  • Business Entity Monitoring (We will let you know if you fall out of Good Standing)

As an added benefit, UCS can file your annual reports when they become due. This saves you the headache of having to worry about when reports are due and how to file them. We’ll do the work for you! Talk to a Client Service Representative about setting up this service or email us at