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Please note that our website accepts payment for Registered Agent Renewal invoices and Delaware Franchise Taxes. Registered Agent Renewal invoices are identified by “R” at beginning of the invoice number. For more information about payment of Delaware Franchise Taxes please click here.

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For instructions on how to pay your R-Invoice please watch the video below.
Pay Your Invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionWhy have I received this invoice?


United Corporate Services, Inc. was appointed to be the registered agent of your company(ies) either by you or a representative of your company (e.g. your law firm or accountant). At the time of the appointment, United Corporate Services was advised that all communications received on behalf of your company such as legal and tax notices along with the renewal of registered agent services be directed to a specific contact for receipt.

QuestionAm I required to maintain a registered agent?


Most jurisdictions in the United States require an address other than their principal office for receipt of service of process and some tax and legal notifications. Failure to maintain a registered agent may result in a company’s status to be revoked in the state where the company is registered. While you do not have to specifically appoint United Corporate Services, Inc. as your registered agent, you are required to provide an address to the Secretary of State where your company is registered. For more information regarding registered agent services, contact a Client Service Representative at or call us at (800) 899-8648.

QuestionHow often will I receive this invoice?


You will receive a yearly renewal invoice. Our billing period is July 1st through June 30th of each year.

QuestionI no longer wish to use your services or my company is inactive. What should I do?


Speak with a Client Service Representative or contact or call (800) 899-8648 Ext. 162 to discuss winding down your account.

QuestionI need to update my address.


  • Receipt of Service of Process
  • Annual Reports
  • Renewal Invoices
  • Change the name and contact information for who will receive notices on the company’s behalf

Please contact the Registered Agent Department at or call 800-899-8648 Ext. 162.

QuestionWhat forms of payment are accepted on this site?


We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa along with ACH and Wire Transfer. For details on how to use ACH or Wire Transfers please email or call (800) 899-8648 Ext.162.


We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa as well as ACH and Wire Transfers. For details on how to submit an ACH or Wire Transfer payment please email or call (800) 899-8648 Ext.162. You can also make a check payable to United Corporate Services, Inc. and mail it to: Ten Bank Street, Suite 560, White Plains, NY, 10606.

QuestionCan I pay other invoices on this site besides registered agent invoices?


Payment of Registered Agent Invoices (invoices that begin with the letter “R”) and Delaware Franchise Taxes are only accepted on this site. If you wish to pay invoices that begin with the letter “P” you have the option of submitting payment using any of the following methods:

  • Bank Check
  • ACH and Wire Transfer
  • Contacting the Accounts Receivables Department at (800)899-8648 Ext. 120

QuestionFor accounting purposes, I need your W-9 form.


See attached here