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Dissolutions & Withdrawals

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For any number of reasons, the decision has been made to dissolve your company. There’s a laundry list of things to do to wind down a company. One is to alert the Secretary of State that the company will no longer conduct business. While one state may only require that you submit Articles of Dissolution, others require additional information, like tax clearance, before accepting the Dissolution

If that same entity is qualified in other states, they will have to withdraw from those jurisdictions by filing the proper paperwork and paying the appropriate filing fees. The filing requirements differ from one jurisdiction to the next.

Our experienced Client Service Representatives (CSR) can guide you through the process by providing the necessary information and paperwork to make winding down your company go smoothly.

Contact us today to discuss your options and find out how we can put together dissolution/withdrawal packages that take the guesswork out of how to get it done efficiently and cost effectively.