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Perhaps you require mail not covered under your registered agent agreement to be forwarded. UCS can help! Naming UCS as your registered agent opens the door to additional services like Mail Forwarding and Office Services.

Mail Forwarding

Our Mail Forwarding services will allow you to receive mail from anywhere in the world. UCS can also provide customized forwarding based on your needs and budget.

Have questions? We have answers! See some of our frequently asked questions below. If these don’t answer your questions, reach out to one of our Client Service Representatives. Email us at today.

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What is a Registered Agent?
United Corporate Services Inc. assists clients with corporate housekeeping so that their companies remain ‘active’ and in ‘good standing’.


QuestionWhat is the difference between Registered Agent Services and Mail Forwarding Services?


A Registered Agent’s primary responsibility is to receive and forward service of process and other legal documents. It is also required to forward any government mail, whether federal, state or local.

Mail Forwarding Services consist of forwarding mail from sources other than government agencies and courts.

QuestionWhat are some examples of items that would be considered Mail Forwarding Services?


We can receive a variety of regular mail on behalf of our clients. Examples are bank statements, credit card statements, personal mail, checks and magazine subscriptions, etc. This ‘mail’ can be received by USPS or by a courier like FedEx or UPS, but is limited to letter size envelopes only. Large packages or boxes are not covered under this service.

QuestionHow do you forward these items and do you track documents sent as part of Mail Forwarding Services?


Mail is sent by regular post when received, unless otherwise requested by the client(s). Our tracking system also enables us to check date(s) and types of mail forwarded to the entity.

QuestionWhat are the fees associated with Mail Forwarding Services?


There is a separate annual service fee for Mail Forwarding Services. Usually no additional fees apply unless additional services are requested and then all fees shall be quoted up front.

QuestionDoes Mail Forwarding Services include sending mail to an international address?


Yes, we will forward mail to the address our clients provide for this service. Additional fees may apply; contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

QuestionDo you have additional questions about Mail Forwarding Services?


No problem! To insure that we provide the best service possible, we would love the opportunity to speak with you about the needs of your company. Contact us today.