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Submitted by UCS on December 11, 2020

Maryland is encouraging companies to check their status

The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) is encouraging business owners to look up their business’ status on Maryland Business Express to ensure they are in Good Standing with the state, and if not, to follow the steps in this Good Standing Checklist to avoid being forfeited. Today, the Department also announced that its free 2021 Annual Report Extension System is live, which allows businesses to extend their filing deadline from April 15 to June 15, 2021.

Some Maryland businesses that are delinquent on their legal filing requirements will be forfeited on December 15, 2020 if those issues are not remedied first. Forfeiture notices have been mailed out to these businesses, and SDAT’s online forfeiture search may also be used to determine if this applies to your business. Any businesses facing forfeiture should review SDAT’s Good Standing Checklist to determine what steps need to be taken. Beginning in 2021, all forfeited legal entities, including foreign entities and domestic non-stock corporations, will be required to file all past-due Annual Reports to regain Good Standing status, and it is significantly easier to remedy these issues before a business is forfeited than afterwards.

In preparation for the 2021 filing season, the Department will be disabling online submissions of all Annual Reports from noon on December 31 through January 8. Any Annual Reports in “draft” status will also be deleted at noon on December 31. Business owners will also receive email reminders in the coming weeks to complete any unsubmitted Annual Reports.

If you would like more information or assistance with checking the status of your company, please contact a Client Service Representative at info@unitedcorporate.com or call (800) 899-8698.