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In 1970, when Ray Barr announced “the opening of his own office serving the legal profession in organizing and maintaining corporations,” he created an organization that has grown stronger over these past 40 years. Since his passing in 1997, through his son Michael Barr, United Corporate Services, Inc. (UCS) has grown both in revenue and geography.  United Corporate Services has five branch offices and provides service to clients in all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.

Ray Barr was a pioneer in his own right, by forming United Corporate Services in 1970 as an alternative to the ‘big three’ corporate service companies of the day (CT, Prentice-Hall, and US Corp. Co.)  He headquartered his company in White Plains, NY and was also one of the first tenants to occupy the prestigious Ten Bank Street in downtown White Plains.

To this day, many clients refer to the work they used to do with Ray with fondness and a sense of trust that their projects would be completed accurately and quickly. Today, many of these same clients now do work with his son, Michael A. Barr. Michael took over the helm as CEO and since such time has grown the company thru acquisition and organic growth.

Michael takes his position as CEO quite seriously. “Suffice it to say, that I feel a great responsibility to all of the employees who work for United Corporate Services, Inc. both past and present.  I not only set the course for our journey, I am accountable for the ethos under which we operate.  If I demand performance, self-direction, and growth from the individuals who work here, I must be consistent in that message and its execution.  It is a standard to which I hold myself accountable.”

The goals and visions of Ray Barr strongly exist at UCS and have remained in the fore front of how and what the company does.  UCS looks at its clients and employees as family.

“While my father showed that you don’t need to be your clients’ neighbor to provide good service.  It is nice to provide good service to your neighbors,” Michael Barr.