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Copies – Plain or Certified

For any number of reasons, a company will find it requires copies of corporate documents. Whether it is one individual copy or the entire filing history, plain or certified, United Corporate Services (UCS) can help you determine which documents you need and deliver them to you.

Why do I need copies?

Quite often copies are required as part of a due diligence search for pending business transactions. Some reasons you will need to request copies are:

  • Qualifying your company in another state
  • Opening a bank account
  • Applying for a loan
  • Proof for potential investors
  • Internal reconciliation of corporate records or history
  • Replace lost or destroyed original documents

What’s the difference between a certified copy and a plain copy?

Plain copies are basically a ‘photo copy’ of the originally filed document. A certified copy is a copy that is certified to be true and exact by either a certification page or a rubber stamp that includes the official seal or signature of the filing office authority. Besides differences in how the document will be issued there is also a difference in fees paid to the state.

Usually the party requiring the copies, for example, the lender or bank, will indicate whether plain or certified are required. You may also need to clarify whether the entire filing history (formation, mergers, amendments, etc.) is required or if simply obtaining the original formation document is sufficient. In some states, Delaware for example, a Restated Certificate of Incorporation may be part of the filing history. If a Restated Certificate is on file, it is an option to obtain only the documents from the most recent restated forward to the present.

Discuss your needs with a CSR to ensure we are obtaining the documents you need in the time you need them. Contact us with any questions you may have.