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Status Checks

Maintaining the good standing status of your company is imperative when running a business. Creditors, potential partners and banks look at the status of your company in their decision making process. Checking status could be part of your routine maintenance of your corporation or in preparation or during a closing. You will also want to know the status of a corporation you are about to do business with. But let’s face it, you’re busy! Things move fast when trying to grow your company.

UCS can provide the status quickly.

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What does my status mean?

Once you receive the status and it is in Good Standing, great, go to work. But what if it isn’t in good standing? What if your company is ‘delinquent’ or ‘void’ or ‘forfeited’? There are many terms used by the many jurisdictions and agencies within a state. “Delinquent” in one place may mean something completely different than in another. UCS will let you know the status, what it means, and how to fix it.

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