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Sole Proprietorship

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So you want a business structure where you don’t have to answer to shareholders, general or limited partners and the like? A Sole Proprietorship offers the owner complete control of his/her business which includes responsibility of all finances of such business and this may include debts, loans, loss, etc. There are no requirements to maintain a board of directors, annual meetings or record minutes of meetings held.

There are no formal requirements to register with the Secretary of State when you create your Sole Proprietorship. Some states, like California and New York, instruct you to file a Fictitious Name statement with the county clerk. Depending upon the business activity of the company, there may be a requirement to obtain certain licenses and permits in order to conduct business. It is to your advantage to determine what the license requirements are in the state that you wish to conduct business as this entity type.

UCS is with you every step of the way by providing the necessary forms to file with the Secretary of State as well as assist with drafting and submitting to the proper department. UCS also provides a registered agent office which is required in most states.

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