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Avoiding Common Mistakes before submitting Corporate Filings

Home Avoiding Common Mistakes before submitting Corporate Filings

It takes just one error to complicate corporate filings. Rejections can cost you or your client time and sometimes money. This very popular course will cover how to avoid common mistakes for corporate formation and amendment filings.

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Who does this presentation benefit?

Attorneys, Paralegals, and entrepreneurs who draft and submit corporate filings to the filing offices of Secretary of State or County Clerk. This is also an excellent course for newly hired paralegals to enhance their training and development.

What to Expect

What will be covered:

  • Spelling the corporate name incorrectly
  • Inserting incorrect filing dates
  • Having the wrong signer
  • Incorrect share information
  • What to do when the error is not discovered by the state
  • So much more!!
Session time

Session Time:
60 minutes

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