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Rhode Island’s Remote Online Notarization Laws Update

Submitted by UCS on October 17, 2022

From the desk of the Rhode Island Secretary of State:

The Secretary of State announced the passage of legislation that updates their notary laws.  Effective June 30th, the option to perform notarial acts remotely will be permanent and the maximum fee notaries are permitted to charge for their services was raised to $25 per notarial act.

For more details you may review a summary of the legislature:  H7363B / S2705A

Why it matters: 

The codification of Remote Online Notarization offers a permanent option for notaries who choose to conduct their work remotely, whether as part of their employment or in service to Rhode Islanders who are unable to appear before them for in-person notary services. Now, notaries who have been or wish to be approved to perform notarial acts for remotely located individuals can be certain that their ability to do so will not be revoked when the state of emergency declared by the Governor expires.

If you require remote notary services, please email or call (800) 899-8648 for more information on which states offer these services.