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Puerto Rico Annual Reports for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies due April 15th

Submitted by UCS on April 2, 2021

Puerto Rico Annual Reports for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies due April 15th

On or before April 15, 2021, every corporation must submit the 2020 Annual Report and any limited liability company (LLC) must pay the corresponding Annual Fee. If your corporation decides to request for an extension and qualifies, it must pay in advance the Annual Report on or before April 15, 2021. This extension will extend the date to submit the report until June 15, 2021. If you request an extension and need additional time, you may request a second extension or additional extension. You can request it from April 16, 2021 to June 15, 2021. This additional extension has a charge of $ 30.00 and will extend the term to complete the process of filing the 2020 Annual Report until August 16, 2021.

Failure to comply with this obligation will cause the Secretary of State to impose administrative fines in accordance with Sections 15.02, 15.04 and 21.03 of Act. No. 164-2009 as amended, best know as General Corporations Act.

Below is a quick guide based on questions and answers for your reference:

Who must file an Annual Report?
Every corporation (Profit and Non-Profit) registered on or before December 31, 2020. It must file said report online at the following link. This does not apply to nonprofit corporations whose category is “religious services”. According to Articles 15.01 and 15.03 of the General Corporations Law, as amended, for-profit corporations with a business volume greater than three (3) million must upload an audited financial statement which must contain, among others, the following: signature of the Authorized Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in Puerto Rico, stamp of the Authorized Public Accountant (CPA) and stamp of the College of Authorized Public Accountants (CPA). Must ensure that the financial statement corresponds to the year of the annual report that is being filed.

Who must pay Annual Fees?
All limited liability companies (LLC).

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