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New York Design Professional Corporation (D.P.C.)

New York law permits certain licensed professionals to form a professional corporation (PC), referred to by the New York statute as a professional service corporation, to shield the personal assets of shareholders from liability f...

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Listen Up! Removing the “noise words” when conducting UCC searches.

In 2015, the International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) released the revised Model Administrative Rules, which include a specific section frequently referred to as “standard search logic.” One standard se...

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Distinctions between a Member-Managed LLC and a Manager-Managed LLC

An LLC can be either a member-managed LLC or a manager-managed LLC. In most states, an LLC is member-managed unless it is designated as a manager-managed LLC within its Articles of Organization and/or Operating Agreement/Limited L...

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The Assumed Par Value Capital Method (APV Method): Decreasing Your Delaware Franchise Tax by using the Alternative Tax Method

All Delaware domestic stock corporations as well as for-profit non-stock corporations that do meet the requirements with the Exempt Corporation requirements are required to file an Annual Report and pay an Annual Franchise Tax. Th...

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