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NYS Forms Required for Dissolution or Surrender of Authority

In order to receive consent to dissolve a domestic corporation or surrender authority of a foreign corporation with the New York Secretary of State, the New York Department of Taxation and Finance requires the below referenced for...

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Did you know these 5 things about FRAUDULENT UCC FILINGS?

Did you know these FIVE THINGS ABOUT FRAUDULENT UCC FILINGS? There are an ever increasing number of UCC filings being submitted by “Sovereign Citizens”. According to the FBI, “Sovereign citizens are anti-government extr...

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Texas Change to Similar Name Filings

Please see the below post from the Secretary of State of Texas shared by a correspondent as part of our agent network. The correspondents that work with United Corporate Services (UCS) provide not just personalized local service b...

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New Delaware Corporate Information System (DCIS) – New Date Announced

June 23, 2015 UPDATE The State of Delaware is very active in working with the Registered Agents that do so much work with their office.  During a recent meeting, the State announced that the Go Live Date would be September 8th. ...

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5 Things You May Not Know About Delaware

In a recent conversation with my peers, we wandered onto the subject of "Did you know?"  This turned into a vivid and entertaining conversation about our company, our industry, the jurisdictions we live and work in every day and ...

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Scam Alert- Louisiana Secretary of State

From the office of the Louisiana Secretary of State: SECRETARY SCHEDLER WARNS BUSINESSES ABOUT MISLEADING CALLS BATON ROUGE, Louisiana-Secretary of State Tom Schedler is alerting all business owners of reports of fraudulent ...

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Puerto Rico: Reminder to file annual reports or pay annual fee for 2014

Registry of Corporations and Entities-Reminder to file annual reports or pay annual fee for 2014 It is that time of year.  Time to file Annual Reports and pay Annual fees/Franchise Taxes.  Below is the correspondence we recei...

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Responsibility to Accurately Publish Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships in New York State

Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion and inquiry regarding the New York publication requirement.  Specifically for a New York LLC. The question is: Do you publish in the county where the entity is located or in a c...

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