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California is ready for Cannabis…….filings that is

Lately, there’s been a real buzz going on at the California Secretary of State offices. Why? Starting January 1, 2018, the Secretary of State will accept filings for the newly created entity type, Cannabis Cooperative Associati...

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Puerto Rico provides extensions of term of fines relief program

As Puerto Rico continues on the long journey to recovery, the Secretary of State recently announced that it will provide extension to active legal entities that have yet to submit their annual reports or have not paid their annual...

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Nevada Publication Requirements

In an earlier posting, we talked about New York publication requirements. New York is not the only state that requires certain filings to publish to a local newspaper. Throughout the year United Corporate Services, Inc. will educa...

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Oregon House Bill 2191

From the Desk of the Oregon Secretary of State: Effective January 1, 2018, business entities that wish to conduct business in the state of Oregon will be required to provide the following information to the Secretary of State whe...

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Delaware Corporate Franchise Tax Increase

Under House Bill 175, Delaware stock corporations can expect to see an increase in their franchise tax payable to the Secretary of State of Delaware. Effective January 1, 2018, the following taxes and fees will be affected: La...

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UCS 2017 Secretary of State Closing calendar

It’s that time of year when celebrations begin and state closings commence! Check out the UCS 2017 Secretary of State Closing calendar. Schedule your closings with confidence that your filing and retrieval needs will be met ...

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Your NY Company’s Biennial Statement

There is one line from Alicia Keys’ popular song New York that says it all: “These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you!” So many would agree and consider New York to be the cultural, financial a...

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Why You Need a Registered Agent

Why Consider a Registered Agent for Your Business? A registered agent serves as the captain of your team. He or she is essentially a named third party who holds a number of responsibilities and performs various duties on behalf o...

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Five Reason You Should Make Sure Your Business Is in Good Standing

Is your business in good standing? Being in good standing demonstrates that your company has met all statutory obligations and is authorized to conduct business in the state. Every day, UCS receives multiple requests for certific...

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The Cost of Publication in New York

If you recently formed or qualified an LLC, LLP or PLLC in the state of New York you probably know that there is a post filing requirement to notify the public.  This notification is done by purchasing advertising space in two ne...

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