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Updating Beneficial Ownership Information with FinCEN

In previous installments of this blog series, we have addressed the immediate changes taking effect in January of 2024.  The Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) not only alters the process of establishing a new corporate entit...

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What is the Corporate Transparency Act?

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and possibly even worried about how to comply with any new regulation, especially if the rules are constantly evolving and being defined, redefined, explained, and reevaluated. So, let...

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What is a FinCEN Identifier?

Of the changes coming with the new legislation regarding the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”), a new government identifier will be obtainable to streamline the process of submitting Beneficial Owner Information (BOI) reports...

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What is the New Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Reporting and How Does it Affect Your Business?

Our guest blog post features an article written by Norris McLaughlin, P.A. Associate Samuele Riva and co-authored by Member, Jeff Cassin.  Mr. Riva and Mr. Cassin offer an overview of the Beneficial Ownership Information Reportin...

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Business Lawyers, the Corporate Transparency Act and New York State’s Response

Our guest blog post, written by Tom Pitegoff has been published in the New York Law Journal with the article titled, “Business Lawyers, the Corporate Transparency Act and New York State’s Response.” Published on August 2, 20...

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What is a Reporting Company under the Corporate Transparency Act?

When it comes to the Corporate Transparency Act ("CTA"), it is vital to understand if your company is a “Reporting Company,” since determining this will decide whether or not any Beneficial Ownership Information ("BOI") filing...

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Businesses Beware: Penalties for Failure to Comply with Reporting Requirements of the Corporate Transparency Act

Our guest blog post features an article written by Norris McLaughlin, P.A. Associate Rocco Beltrami and co-authored by Member, John Lushis, Jr.   Mr. Beltrami and Mr. Lushis Jr. offer an overview of the Corporate Transparency fr...

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What’s the difference between a Principal Office address and a Registered Agent address?

The Delaware Secretary of State has a policy of not allowing entities to report their Registered Agent address as their Principal Place of Business address on their annual reports. Recently, in an effort to further enforce this po...

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Pennsylvania Companies moving from Decennial Reporting to Annual Reporting

The requirement for Decennial Reports has been repealed.  Effective January 3, 2024, specific entity types will transition from filing 10-year reports on company activities to being required to file annually. If your company f...

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California Secretary of State Enacts Certificate of Validation Statute

Effective January 1, 2023, SB 218 created a new filing with the California Secretary of State (“Secretary of State”) called a “Ratification of a Noncompliant Corporate Act” or a “Validation of a Noncompliant Corporate Ac...

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