Why You Need a Registered Agent

Submitted by UCS on October 6, 2017

Why Consider a Registered Agent for Your Business?

A registered agent serves as the captain of your team. He or she is essentially a named third party who holds a number of responsibilities and performs various duties on behalf of your business. Depending on the state in which your entity is registered, having a registered agent may or may not be required by law. Either way, it is highly recommended that you consider having a registered agent to help preserve the smooth sailing of your corporation or LLC.

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

It is the job of the registered agent to act as the receiving party to a legal action, as the registered agent is charge of receiving “SOP” or service of process on behalf of your company. Service of process is the first step in a potential lawsuit, initiating legal action through the delivery of a complaint against a defending party. The registered agent is responsible for forwarding SOP to your entity in a safe and timely manner to inform the entity of a pending lawsuit or summons. In addition, the registered agent is charged with relaying correspondence from the Secretary of State and other governmental agencies.

Who Can Serve as a Registered Agent?

Sometimes the registered agent is an individual associated with the operation of the business, and other times they are an otherwise uninvolved party. While it is possible to serve as the registered agent of your own business, it is advised that you designate a third party to the job so as to maintain peace of mind that the all the bases have been covered. Depending on state law, a registered agent can typically be any resident of the state in which the business is formed, and is often the business’ accountant, lawyer, or corporate officer.

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