Annual Reports and Tax for Delaware Corporations due by March 1st

Submitted by UCS on February 14, 2019

It’s time to file your Delaware Annual Report and United Corporate Services is here to help. All Delaware domestic corporations are required to file an Annual Report and pay their Franchise taxes regardless of revenue or whether you are or are not transacting business. If you want to maintain your good standing status in Delaware you must file by March 1st.

To file your annual report and pay your tax you may choose one of the following options:

1. File your report electronically directly at the state’s website
2. File your report electronically through the UCS website by clicking on Client Tools & Resources above and choosing DE Annual Report & Tax Payments. We securely maintain your data from year to year so you so you don’t waste time entering the same information again and again. See our short video to see how easy it is to file with UCS!
3. Contact a Customer Service Representative by calling 800.899.8648. UCS will file your annual report for you after you complete a questionnaire containing all of the required filing information.

Some items to remember:

• Reports are to be filed and taxes received, NOT postmarked, by the March 1st deadline.
• The penalty for not filing a completed Annual Report on or before March 1st is $200 and Interest, assessed at 1.5% per month, is applied to any unpaid tax balance.
• The tax assessed will not necessarily be the amount you will be required to pay.
• Foreign Corporations have different requirements. Foreign corporations are required to file an Annual Report on or before June 30th.

About the author
Paula Lintner is the Delaware Branch Manager for United Corporate Services, Inc. Over the past 21 years, Paula has assisted hundreds of small business owners fulfill their dream of starting their own business. Additionally, Paula helps paralegals and attorneys navigate through the details of Delaware corporate transactions, as well as contributing to the product and process development within the teams she has been a part of. Her experiences and expertise have allowed her to develop an invaluable relationship with the Delaware Division of Corporations staff which she shares with all UCS clients.

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