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Texas Change to Similar Name Filings

Please see the below post from the Secretary of State of Texas shared by a correspondent as part of our agent network. The correspondents that work with United Corporate Services (UCS) provide not just personalized local service but a firsthand source of information and eyes and ears on the street.

On June 19, 2015, Governor Abbott signed into law Senate Bill 1313.  SB 1313 amends Chapter 5 of the Business Organizations Code to require the notarization of a written statement of an entity’s or name registrant’s consent to use of a similar name. This change in law is effective as of the date of signing.

The Secretary of State’s consent form (SOS Form 509) has been revised and is posted on our website.  An SOS consent form with a revision date prior to June 2015 does not conform to law and should be discarded.  If your firm does not use SOS Form 509 for consents to use of a similar name, please make the appropriate changes to your applicable template.

Please note that documents received on and after June 19, 2015, that require the submission of a written consent to use of a proposed entity name, will be reviewed in accordance with the change in law and will be rejected if the consent provided is not notarized.

For assistance in filing corporate or UCC forms with Texas or any other state, call UCS at 800-899-8648 or complete an order request online on the Contact Us page.




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