What is a Nevada Annual List?

Submitted by UCS on February 17, 2020

Maintaining active status of your company (Corporation, LLC, LP & LLLP) in Nevada requires the entity to file an Annual List and Business License Application.

When is the Annual List due?

The application is due annually on or before the last day of the month in which the anniversary date of incorporation/foreign registration occurs in each year unless the company has selected an alternative due date for filing the list.

What information is required for the list?

The contents of the list will contain:

• The name of the company;
• The file number of the company, if known;
• The names and titles of the president, secretary and treasurer, or the equivalent thereof;
• The address, either residence or business, of each officer and director listed, or equivalent thereof;
• The signature of an officer/manager/member of the company, or some other person specifically authorized by the company to sign the list, certifying that the list is true, complete and accurate.

If the corporation is a publicly traded company, the corporation must list its Central Index Key. The Secretary of State shall include on the Secretary of State’s website the Central Index Key of a corporation provided pursuant to this paragraph and instructions describing the manner in which a member of the public may obtain information concerning the corporation from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Who provides the annual list to me?
The Secretary of State will provide the Annual List notification 90 days prior to the anniversary date to either the registered agent or to individual listed on their records to receive it.

What should I do to remain in compliance?

Failure to receive the notification does not excuse the company from filing or being penalized for not filing in a timely fashion.  You must keep accurate records of your anniversary dates and not rely on the state’s recordkeeping.  If you are unsure of when the date is contact your registered agent to confirm.

Should you need additional information regarding Nevada compliance requirements or any other state, please contact the Representation Department at (800) 899-8648 Ext. 162.

About the author

Elda Cenalia-Rata, MSc., LLM, is the manager of the Registered Agent Services Department at United Corporate Services, Inc. Elda has vast experience in corporate law and compliance. Elda received her legal degree in 2017 from Pace University School of Law and has worked in government and corporate legal settings ever since.

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